Lia got a glimpse of what she could be, but was she ready for her new magical power?
It wasn’t any easier now that the monsters were gone. With her new power, it might be harder to stay alive.
If her secret was out, she would be very dead; if her magic ran wild, she would also be dead.
But how long could one hold a secret?

Adrian should be there to help, but he was still hiding something she couldn’t unearth yet. And for some of the time, where was he? He was the fire that could lit her way, but if she wasn’t careful, he could also burn her.

The danger was lurking, her power made her a moving target, who was after her life?

The Menace is an action-packed urban fantasy story with a slow burn romantic subplot, there will be a HEA at the end of the series.
This book features snarky and fun characters with lots of banters.
The Menace is the second book in The hidden order of magic: shaken series.